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How Texas is not reporting the same vote counts as the counties. We need to fix this.

I think your numbers may be wrong

Thank you for asking – let me explain

September 10, 2022 0

The Shenanigans Continue from the March Primaries

Dateline: March 01, 2022 – Texas held its primaries for the Republican and Democratic parties. Today we are writing on June 16th. Just today – 3 1/2 months from the primary – the voter roster for this election was changed. Here is the snapshot of the Secretary of State Results and Roster page. We have…
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June 16, 2022 0


The shenanigans continue. May 07 was over 30 days ago and the “official” numbers keep changing. If the numbers are official – how can they change.

June 14, 2022 0

Continued Tweaking of Texas Numbers

On April 1, our estimate of lost votes without rejection correction was around 116,000. On April 19th we modified the video to show the latest estimate which was just shy of 95,000. The numbers were a moving target. Now as of May 7th, the lost vote count is continuing to decrease – the estimate is…
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May 7, 2022 0

Numbers Update and Errata

In analyzing the spreadsheet of state return numbers and the comparison with the reconciliation reports, we found that Dallas had an actual lost vote count of 2000 votes — compared to the value 2120 that was reported in the documentary. This was due to a special calculation when the County reconciliation report admits that they…
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May 7, 2022 0

Protected: Update not released yet.

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April 26, 2022 0

Why did the video go dark after launch?

We will update more over the next few days. Let’s just say that we launched this site and video on Monday the 18th. On the 19th we realized that Texas election numbers for the March Primaries are changing on a daily basis. This caused a little ripple through the video and gave us more questions…
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April 21, 2022 0

Changes in the State Data

UPDATE APRIL 19th 8AM TEXAS TIME It turns out that the Secretary of State is changing the base numbers from the election. The original numbers shown in the video were from April 1, 2022. This impacts one of the numbers in the detail section on Brazos County and it impacts the 100 vs 111 voters…
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April 19, 2022 0

What is a LOST VOTE?

This documentary deals with finding and demonstrating lost votes all across the State of Texas – but more specifically in Brazos County. We picked Brazos because it is a medium size county, and because it publishes a list of voters each day of early voting and on election day. But to answer what is a…
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April 17, 2022 0