Numbers Update and Errata

How Texas is not reporting the same vote counts as the counties. We need to fix this.

Numbers Update and Errata

May 7, 2022 Uncategorized 0

In analyzing the spreadsheet of state return numbers and the comparison with the reconciliation reports, we found that Dallas had an actual lost vote count of 2000 votes — compared to the value 2120 that was reported in the documentary. This was due to a special calculation when the County reconciliation report admits that they sent too many ballots through the machine. Originally we counted too many counted as a lost vote – but in reality that is not a lost vote, that is something else. Maybe we need a new category of manufactured votes? That is beyond the scope of the video at this point – so we corrected the value to 2000.

All of the other numbers in the film – especially the estimated lost votes are all based on the moving target which is the state vote count as of April 19th. The state continues to modify the numbers and we will keep an eye on them and report occasionally how the bottom line is changing.

Hint – it appears they are slowly adjusting the numbers so that the lost vote count is slowly decreasing over time.