The Shenanigans Continue from the March Primaries

How Texas is not reporting the same vote counts as the counties. We need to fix this.

The Shenanigans Continue from the March Primaries

June 16, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Dateline: March 01, 2022 – Texas held its primaries for the Republican and Democratic parties. Today we are writing on June 16th. Just today – 3 1/2 months from the primary – the voter roster for this election was changed. Here is the snapshot of the Secretary of State Results and Roster page.

What does official mean if it changes?

We have to ask. These are supposedly official numbers for this election. What does it mean when an official turnout value is changed? Does it mean that they found a mistake and someone needs to be added to the list of voters? We just don’t know why this is happening. We point you back to the Lost Votes Documentary.

If a person votes in an election, that is an event that happened in space and time. If someone should have been on the list – then why is the system broken such that they were not on the list originally? How can we trust the Secretary of State when Shenanigans like this are happening?