Continued Tweaking of Texas Numbers

How Texas is not reporting the same vote counts as the counties. We need to fix this.

Continued Tweaking of Texas Numbers

May 7, 2022 Uncategorized 0

On April 1, our estimate of lost votes without rejection correction was around 116,000.

On April 19th we modified the video to show the latest estimate which was just shy of 95,000. The numbers were a moving target.

Now as of May 7th, the lost vote count is continuing to decrease – the estimate is now 80,000 (without correction so shave off 1% for rejected ballots…..)

On the page where we download these county reported voter rosters – it plainly says that the State does not modify the numbers in any way. Does the Secretary of State or Texas officials really think that every county is continually – daily – updating the numbers for the March 1 Primary? NO – NO – NO – NO

These poor election officials are swamped with the current elections and don’t have time to think about adjusting the Primary counts.


We demand answers.

Why is the underlying March Primary database being updated more than 60 days after the election?